I have recently been given the opportunity to represent the members of willesley Park Golf club as chair of House and bar and would like to say thank you to the board for placing their faith in me to carry out this position. It’s definitely not something I had on the agenda when I joined the golf club 4 years ago and it’s not something I know a lot about but I’m willing to learn as I go and, more importantly for me, I’m willing to listen to any concerns or ideas the members have to create an atmosphere within the clubhouse that incorporates everyone.

As in any organisation we have to evolve or, like the dinosaurs, we perish but change isn’t always easy, or a good thing, unless we can see a reason for doing so. In respect of House and bar we have many challenges to overcome as I see it including updating the situation regarding the ageing boiler, the poor state of the changing rooms, enticing members into the clubhouse and how we can assist our hard working bar staff to create a welcoming and safe environment for all.

At the moment the house and bar committee consists of a very small group of people and I would welcome anyone who would like to join me in giving a couple of hours a month of their time, I know its not easy especially for younger members with children, to bring skills and knowledge I don’t have to assist in the future of our club. I have ideas on how I’d like our house and bar to move forward and, in the words of some famous person “Your club needs you “.

Obviously Covid-19 has had, and in my opinion will still have into 2021, a massive effect on the golf club but we need to look forward, plan for the next 100 years, and make Willesley Park the golf course of choice both on and off the grass.

Andy Matthewman.

Willesley Park Golf Club