Dress Code, etc

Whilst at Willesley Park Golf Club (herein also referred to as either, WPGC or the Club) people are asked to respect the right of others to enjoy their time at the Club. To that end, we expect everyone to behave in a polite and considerate manner, adhering to the rules of the Club, the Rules of Golf, etiquette and the ethos of Golf. In addition it is expected that everyone will respect the diversity of all at the Club and recognise to practice the principle of equal opportunity

Dress Code

Dress Code

Willesley Park Golf Club aims to operate a contemporary and forward thinking dress policy, commensurate with a modern day golf club.

We ask all members and visitors to adhere to the code in order to maintain reasonable standards of casual, but smart, dress in keeping with golfing traditions.

Members and visitors are requested to meet the standards set out below, both on the golf course and in the club house.

On the Course

  • Recognised golf attire (including shoes) is required.
  • Men’s shirts must be tucked into trousers or shorts.
  • Trousers must not be worn tucked into socks.
  • Tailored shorts may be worn with sports socks (preferably white).
  • Cargo and denim shorts are not permitted.
  • Caps must be worn peak forward.


In the Clubhouse

Smart casual clothing is permitted in all parts of the Clubhouse and Dining Room, unless alternative dress is specified for a particular function.

  • Recognised golfing attire is acceptable.
  • Appropriate footwear is required (bare or stocking feet are not permitted).
  • Golf shoes may only be worn in the Spike Bar.
  • Tailored shirts may be worn outside trousers.
  • Smart denim is permitted.
  • No Headgear of any kind (unless being worn on religious or medical grounds).
  • No wet, soiled or waterproof clothing.

If in doubt contact the Pro Shop, Office or Bar Staff.

Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile Communication Devices etc.

Please do not use mobile phones or other electronic media devices for conversations, or in a manner, that is likely to disturb people who are playing golf, or enjoying other areas of the Club. Providing they are used courteously, you may hold conversations on such devices in the Club’s ‘Car Park’ or ‘Locker Rooms’. Please do not record material in changing rooms, toilets or other such areas. We encourage the carrying of phones on the course, in case of emergency.



In the first instance our staff have the responsibility to make decisions on, and implement these rules, so please do not be offended if you are asked to comply with any of their requests in relation to these matters. People who refuse, or fail to comply, may be asked to leave the premises and/or be subject to other sanctions.

Some sanctioned events may have themes which cross parts of this document. In such cases each event will be treated upon its merits.

The Board of Director’s decision and sanction will be final with regard to any reported contravention.


Smoking Policy


1. Smoking is forbidden anywhere in buildings, substantially close places and vehicles used as work places, which belong to, or are situated in any grounds owned by Willesley Park Golf Club (herein also referred to as WPGC).

2. This smoking policy also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping. The use of electronic cigarettes and/or vaping is prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited.

3. Smoking shelters will not be provided. Cigarette waste should be disposed of properly and considerately in a safe manner.

4. Smoke free premises and vehicles must display signage as by the regulations.

5. Managers must take steps to ensure that this policy is complied with in areas under their control.

6. Any individual found to be in breach of the WPGC smoking policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

7. It is recognised that it would not be appropriate to totally exclude cigarette or vaping breaks or to put a restrictive number in place. However smokers/vapers should be mindful of the impact of their breaks on both their work and their colleagues. It will be the responsibilty of the line manager to monitor this and to bring any concerns to the attention of the individual.

Relevant Regulations

Health Act 2006.

The Smoke-free (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations 2007.

Individuals in breach of these legislative requirements may be liable to prosecution.


It is an offence under the Health Act 2006 to; smoke in a smoke free place and to fail to prevent smoking in a smoke free place.

A substantially enclosed place is one which has a ceiling or roof and where openings (other than doors and windows) constitute less than half of the wall area.

The regulations do not apply to vehicles that are used primarily for private purposes.

Regulation 6 provides a personal exemption for persons who are taking part in a performance where the artistic integrity of the performance makes it appropriate for them to smoke.

The prohibition of electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited is on the basis that these products do not provide recognised health benefits while introducing several negative consequences including underming the enforcement of the Smoking Policy.

Use of Golf Buggies

WPGC Golf Buggy Safe Working Practice

The use of a Golf Buggy at Willesley Park Golf Club

  • All Golf Buggy operators and passengers must be 18 years or older
  • Golf Buggy operators must not be under the influence of drink or drugs

During use – General

  • Golf Buggies must not be used on areas signed ‘No buggies’
  • Golf Buggies must not be used on areas guarded with white lines
  • To avoid tipping over, drive Golf Buggies straight up and straight down slopes. Do not drive across slopes
  • The vehicle must not be used on tees, greens or slopes leading up to them
  • The vehicle must not be used within 5 metres of any bunkers or slopes leading to them
  • Check the area behind the vehicle before backing up
  • Operators must stop Golf Buggies at all blind areas and proceed with caution
  • Always consider the terrain, existing vehicular and pedestrian traffic conditions, as well as environmental factors that may affect your ability to operate the vehicle safely
  • Drive the vehicle only as fast as the terrain and safety considerations allow
  • Slow down before corners. All turns must be executed at reduced speed
  • Avoid sudden stops or change of direction that may result in loss of control
  • Be extra careful when the course is wet and muddy

Hole by Hole

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Keep vehicle to fairway and paths on hole
  • Hole 8 the vehicle must be kept to the left of the fairway. Take extra care at valley 100 yards from green-drive along left semi rough to green
  • From the green on Hole 8 care must be taken crossing the bridge leading to the 9th tee 
  • Hole 9 keep to fairway
  • Hole 10 extra care must be taken driving down the pathway and the vehicle must be kept to the pathway
  • 11, 12 & 13 keep to fairway and paths
  • Hole 14 the vehicle must be kept to the right of the fairway
  • Hole 15 the vehicle must be kept to the left of the ditch
  • 16, 17 & 18 keep to fairway and paths

After use when the vehicle is to be left unattended return the buggy to the area next to the pro shop, turn key to the ‘off’ position. Remove the key, engage the hill brake and return the key to the golf shop.


For Membership enquiries, please contact the Office on 01530 414596 or the Pro Shop on 01530 414820.

Visitors & Societies

Visitors & Societies are always most welcome at Willesley Park. We have a range of options available to ensure you have a great day, so click the link for more information on how we can help. More>



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