The Shot Centre @ Willesley Park Golf Club

In July 2015 we opened our Indoor Golf Simulator – ‘The Shot Centre’!

The Shot Centre is a State-of-the-Art simulator, very similar to the one you have likely seen on Sky Sports Golf. Our simulator is powered by Foresight Sports GC2 HMT Launch Monitor, widely recognised as the most accurate launch monitor for tracking ball data. This includes: carry distance, spin rates, curvature, peak height, launch angle and many, many more pieces of data.

The Shot Centre is completed with our full range of Custom Fitting equipment. You can read more details about our Custom Fitting by clicking here.

The Shot Centre is the home to our Professionals’ coaching and custom fitting, but it is also available for hire. Whether you want to practice on the range, or play 18 holes, we can book you in! To hire The Shot Centre, call the shop on 01530 414820 or click below:

Willesley Park Golf Club